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Soybean Aphid

Asian Soybean Rust

Bean Leaf Beetle

Bean Pod Mottle Virus/Bean leaf beetle complex

Brown Stem Rot

Charcoal Rot

Diagnostics/ General Pest Management

Downy Mildew
Frogeye Leaf Spot

Fungicide Use in Soybean

Green Stem Disorder (link to the North Central Soybean Research – Plant Health Initiative website)

Phytophthora Stem and Root Rot

Powdery Mildew (pdf)

Seedling Diseases

Septoria Leaf Spot (Brown Spot)

Wisconsin SCN Management BrochureSoybean Cyst Nematode

Stem canker – Diaporthe complex (pdf)

Sudden Death Syndrome

White mycelium on stems are diagnostic for white mold.

White Mold

Soybean Viruses