Financial Coaching Census 2016: Results Brief

Financial coaching has gained recognition as a strategy that can improve financial capability and security. Yet within this advancing field of practice, many questions remain. 

What is the current size of the field? 

How is financial coaching being implemented? 

How do organizations, coaches, and funders measure success?

And what is needed to support more effective implementation?  

To begin addressing these questions and support the growth of the financial coaching field, the Center for Financial Security (CFS) and Asset Funders Network (AFN) developed the first-ever Financial Coaching Census in the fall of 2015 to better understand the financial coaching field, from its size to its scope, identifying both challenges and opportunities. In the fall of 2016 the second round of the Coaching Census was launched.

Access the 2016 Financial Coaching Census results in a brief here: Financial Coaching Census 2016: A Progressing Field of Practice

Access the Executive Summary here: Coaching Census 2016: Executive Summary