Coaching Research

This page compiles selected papers and other documents about financial coaching published by the University of Wisconsin-Extension and Center for Financial Security. We will add to this page over time, and please contact us with questions or comments at

Financial Coaching Survey

8-question survey developed for use with financial coaching clients. The survey was field tested and the subsequent report and brief are available for viewing [ReportBrief]. The survey is available as a PDF [English; Spanish] or as a Word document [English; Spanish]. The Word versions allow you to edit the header and footer, but the questions are locked.

Research Papers

1. Collins, Olive, and O’Rourke. 2013. “Financial Coaching’s Potential for Enhancing Family Financial Security.” The Journal of Extension, 51(1). [visit the JoE website for free access to this article]

2. Collins and O’Rourke. 2012. “The Application of Coaching Techniques to Financial Issues.” Journal of Financial Therapy, 3(2), 39-56. [visit the JFT website for free access to this article]

3. Collins, Baker, and Gorey. 2007. “Financial Coaching: A New Approach for Asset Building.” Available on the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s website.


1. Collins and O’Rourke. 2013 “Finding a Yardstick: Field Testing Outcome Measures for Community-based Financial Coaching and Capability Programs.” [link] Full report on data collected from  the Financial Coaching Outcome Measures Project.

2. Collins and O’Rourke. 2013. “Central New Mexico Community College Financial Coaching Training Survey: Final Report.” [link] Report on survey data collected from Central New Mexico Community College’s (CNM’s) financial coaching trainings from 2009-2012. CNM is a leading trainer of new financial coaches across the country. A summary brief is also available.

3. Collins, Murrell, and O’Rourke. 2012. “In-depth Financial Coaching Interviews – Final Report.” Center for Financial Security Working Paper 2011-11.2. [link] Report on in-depth interviews with coaching organizations across the country.

4. Row, Olive, Collins, and O’Rourke. 2012. “Financial Coaching Training Assessment.” [link] Report on in-depth interviews with individuals who had attended a financial coaching training offered by UW-Extension several months earlier.


“Financial Coaching: A Review of Existing Research.” CFS, 2015 [link]

“Financial Coaching Training Curricula: Field Inventory and Summary Brief.” Collins & Lienhardt, 2014 [link]

“Central New Mexico Community College College Coaching Training Survey: Summary of Findings.” Lienhardt & Breunig, 2014 [link]

“Using Technology in Financial Coaching.” Collins & Lienhardt, 2014 [link]

“Financial Coaching: An Asset Building Strategy.” A brief written and published collaboratively with the Asset Funders Network and the Center for Financial Security, 2014 [link]

“Research Outcomes Brief- Finding a Yardstick: Field Testing Outcome Measures for Community-based Financial Coaching and Capability Programs.” Collins & O’Rourke, 2013 [link]

“Group Financial Coaching: Summary of Interview and Survey Findings.” Christi Baker & Collin O’Rourke, 2013 [link]

“Bringing Financial Coaching to Scale – The Potential of Group Coaching Models.” J. Michael Collins, Ryan Eisner, & Collin O’Rourke, 2013 [link]

“Introduction to Financial Coaching.” J. Michael Collins & Collin O’Rourke, 2013 [link]

“Using a Financial Coaching Approach to Help Low-Income Families Achieve Economic Success: Challenges and Opportunities for the Field.” J. Michael Collins and Karen Murrell, 2010 [link]