Kasana of Milwaukee

KASANA Collective is a shared kitchen in the garden level of 241 North Broadway in the heart of the Historic Third Ward.  This dynamic business is a hub of culinary creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, embracing the talents of fresh new food producers.

Participants in KASANA Collective are independent business owners operating their own business with their own business licenses, but sharing production space.  Participants have the opportunity to create their own products, host their own events and market through KASANA Collective’s retail space and marketing campaigns.  Residents and visitors to Milwaukee’s Third Ward will have the opportunity to sample a variety of the diverse and delicious flavors of each of the individual businesses within the collective.

The KASANA Kitchen

certified, spacious, food-processing facility. This is where most of the magic happens at the Collective.  The KASANA Kitchen includes cooking, preparation areas, as well as a cooler, freezer, dry storage area, and a dishwashing room. In addition the participant will have access to the loading dock which lands in the kitchen for ease of use. Participants can rent out the work areas at an hourly rate based on the number of hours rented per month. This is a shared kitchen so multiple participants may be working in the space at one time. 

241 North Broadway

Milwaukee, WI 53202