Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

The Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen, located in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, is a community shared food processing and marketing kitchen.  The mission of the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen is to help existing food businesses, including family farms, as well as new food entrepreneurs and non-food organizations develop, expand and grow innovative and exciting food businesses that that showcase the wonderful benefits of local foods.

The Innovation Kitchen features four Partner Programs to help share our state-inspected commercial kitchen with the world  (1) Preparation Partners – we prepare your recipes including your ingredients when available  (2) Processing Partners – you prepare your recipes (certifications required) in the Kitchen on a rental basis  (3) Purchasing Partners – we buy ingredients and food grade supplies at a discount for you, and (4) Event Partners – we help you produce culinary and food education programs.

Our 10,000 square foot facility features a retail sales area, 4 separate processing areas (baking, canning, dehydration and dry-mix production), walk-in freezer and refrigeration, ample dry storage and fully equipped truck docs one mile from a 4-lane highway located at the strategic heart of 35 million people.

Inquiry forms and information are available on our web site: