5-20 Label Rule

Use the 5-20 Rule as a quick guide to label reading.  The 5-20 Guide doesn’t define a food as good or bad.  Instead, it can show how the food fits into your daily diet.

  • 5% Daily Value (DV) or less is low –   for nutrients you want to get less of, choose foods with a low % DV.  Nutrients to get less of are saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, and sodium.
  • 20% Daily Value (DV) or more is high – for nutrients you want to get more of, choose foods with a high % DV.  Nutrients to get more of are fiber, vitamins A & C, calcium and iron.

Look at the Nutrition Facts label below.  Is the sodium in this food item 5% or below the Daily Value?

 Chicken Noodle Soup Nutrition Label showing 37% Daily Value of Sodium

No, the chicken soup label above is well above the 5% or less Daily Value for a nutrient we need to limit. 

Source: American Dietetic Association

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To learn more about food labels watch this Are You Smarter Than A Food Label? video.

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  1. Great video. I like the suggestion to ask restaurants about Nutrition Facts.

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