Dear Sue Keeney…

Dear Carl,

One way to add more nutrition to your meals is by including all the food groups into your meals.

Try these tips when preparing your next meal.

  • Add vegetables. Include frozen or canned vegetables to pre-packaged noodle or rice mixes.
  • Include fruit as a side dish. Mix different forms of fruit to make a salad to add variety.
  • Eat raw vegetables on the side. By adding vegetables to your meals you will not need to eat as much of the main meal to feel full and will get more nutrients.
  • Drink low-fat milk. Include low-fat dairy foods into your meals by having a glass of milk or adding low-fat cheese to a dish.
  • Don’t forget the protein. Use tuna, canned chicken or beans to add protein without breaking your budget.


Source: Healthy Eating:  Improving Your Convenience Foods, University of Florida Extension