Food for Thought…Healthy Retail

Stores are willing to buy and sell foods that their customers are willing to purchase.  Many times stores choose foods that have a longer shelf life to ensure they will be able to sell the item before it goes bad.

This is why many food stores struggle to provide a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.  While they know the food option is important for their customers many times they find themselves looking at food that is spoiled because it is not purchased.

Limited access to healthy food options can have a large impact on the health of individuals.

If people cannot purchase healthy foods close to where they live they are less likely to eat healthy food items on a regular basis.

There are ways you can help increase healthy food items at your local food store.

  • Purchase the healthy food items offered.
  • Talk with the store to share items you would purchase regularly.
  • Encourage others to purchase healthy items at local food stores.

As a customer, you influence what the store offers every time you make a purchase.

Source: Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy,

University of Michigan Extension