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Badger Crop Connect

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A Webinar every other Wednesday from May 20th through September 30th at Noon

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Future Webinar Topics Include:

Agenda:  Special Pest Management Badger Crop Connect

Note Start Time is 8:30 am on Tuesday September 29th

Considerations for Crop Trait Selection and Disease, Insect and Weed Management in 2021  

Presented by: 

Damon Smith, UW-Madison Extension Crop Pathologist

Bryan Jensen, UW Madison Crop Entomologist

Rodrigo Werle, UW-Madison Extension Weed Specialist

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Past Webinar Resources

September 23rd Agenda:

Soil Compaction: Preventing, Measuring, and Reducing: (tires, loads and soil conditions)

Francisco Arriaga, UW- Madison Soil Extension Specialist

Lime, Manure, and More. Get your 2021 crop off to a good start this fall

Carrie Laboski, UW- Madison Soil Extension Specialist

September 9th

Top 10 Recommendations for Winter Wheat Establishment in 2020
Shawn Conely, UW Madison Extension Soybean and Small Grain Specialist

Combine Cleaning and Preventing the Spread of Weed Seeds During Harvest

Dan Smith, UW-Madison, NPM

August 26th

Cover Crops after Corn Silage for Spring Forage: Economics and the Environment
Kevin Shelley, UW-Madison, NPM

Cover Crop Considerations after Corn and Soybean Grain Crops
Dan Smith, UW-Madison, NPM

August 12th Agenda:

Harvesting High Quality Corn Silage and Tips on Pricing Corn Silage  

A133-2019 (Revised 2020) – Adjusting Producer-Dairyman Corn Silage Contracts

Joe Lauer – UW Madison Extension Corn Specialist

SilageSnap App:  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Kernel processing

Kernel SilageSnap Extension Presentation_08112020

Brian Luck – UW Madison Biological Systems Engineering Department


July 29th:

Moving Toward Soil Health – Maximizing the Growing Season  

Cover Crops Following Short Season Crops – Common Species, Mixes and Management Tips  

The Power of Legumes  

Small Grains for Forage and Covers, Management, Varieties and Yields 

Jamie PattonKevin Shelly/ Daniel Smith UW Madison NPM, Mike Ballweg UW Extension

7.29 Badger Crop Connect

July 15th:                                                                                                      

2020 Soybean Disease Updates – Management Strategies 

2020 Corn Badger Crop Connect

Damon Smith, UW Madison Extension Crop Pathologist

Using Scouting Data to Manage Corn Rootworm and Other Insect Updates

Bryan Jensen, UW Madison Crop Entomologist

June 17th

Carrie Laboski – Making the Most of Your Side dress N Applications to Corn

Rodrigo Werle – Post Emgergent Weed Control Considerations

May 20th

GDD and Emergence – Assessing and Evaluating  Corn Stands

Joe Lauer, UW-Madison Extension Corn Specialist


Early Season Weed Control Considerations for Corn and Soybeans

Rodrigo Werle, UW-Madison Extension Weed Specialist


ISU: What is happening to my PRE herbicide on the soil surface?

ISU: Absorption of soil-applied herbicides

UNL: Effect of excessive rainfall on efficacy of residual herbicides applied in corn and soybean

Post-emergence corn and soybean herbicide product restrictions for broadcast applications

Residual control of waterhemp with pre-emergence herbicides in soybean

WiscWeeds comparison for residual waterhemp control in corn

NPM Herbicide rotation restrictions for cover and forage cover cropping systems

2020 Considerations for cover crop termination


June 3rd

Damon Smith – Winter Wheat Disease Management

2020 Wheat Badger Crop Connect_DLS

Bryan Jensen – Insect Development and Current Risks – Culprits to be Watching For

jensen Badger Crop Connection v2

Field Scout Training Manual

Alfalfa: Generalized Calendar of Events

Corn: Generalized Calendar of Events

Pest Management Fast Facts:

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