Extreme Weather

Wet Spring/Flooding

Corn Replant/Late-Plant Decisions in Wisconsin
Flooding Impacts and Corn Growth and Yield
Planting Corn in June and July- What can you expect?
Managing Soil Compaction Following the Heavy Rains of 2007
Herbicides, Rain, and Replanting
Assessing Flood Damage to Soybean

Late Spring Frost

Frost Impact on Corn at Early Growth Stages
Frost on Corn
Frost Damage and Crop Insurance Replant Provisions for WI Farmers


Drought Stress Reduces Corn Silage Yield More Than Quality
Concerns about Drought as Corn Pollination Begins
The Effects of Drought and Poor Corn Pollination
What Worked, What Didn’t Work During the Drought of 1988?
Pricing Drought Stressed Corn Silage
Corn Management Decisions During Drought Depend Upon Pollination Success
What Happens Within the Corn Plant When Drought Occurs?
Drought Stress in Soybean
The Feeding Value and Pricing of Drought-Stress Full-Fat Soybeans


Options for Hail Damaged Corn Assessed as a Total Loss
Estimating Yield Loss in Hail Damaged Soybean
Use of Fungicides on Hail Damaged Crops

Early Fall Frost

Will Corn Mature in 2009
2009 Harvest, Storage, and Feeding Considerations
Combine Considerations for a Wet Corn Harvest
Weigh the Risk of Leaving Corn Stand Through Winter
Early Frost Effects on Soybeans

Updated March 12, 2015

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