National Resources

This section features Caregiver Resources for relative caregivers, including Through the Eyes of a Child, focusing specifically on younger children; Teaching Resources for service providers and educators and National Web Sites of potential interest to relative caregivers, especially grandparents.

Caregiver Resources

  • Kinship Care Resource Kit for Community and Faith-Based Organizations (84 pages)
    Provides information on kinship care, including data on the prevalence of kinship families, challenges kinship families face, support groups, respite programs, questions regarding placement option and more.
  • Kinship Care Resource Kit (52 pages)
    Provides information on topics such as cash assistance, child care and education programs, health care, and other issues important to relative caregivers.
  • Relatives Raising Children: A Guide to Finding Help and Hope by Marianne Takas
    Based upon what long-term relative caregivers (and family services professionals who work with them) have learned about raising relative children. Designed to provide useful information, strategies, and ideas, and to help link you with others who can help. Author has worked on behalf of children as an attorney, a youth worker, a parent and a foster parent. A Brookdale Foundation Publication. 166 pages, Third Edition 2005, book order form at
  • Through the Eyes of a Child
    Nine fact sheets, designed by UW-Extension to help relative caregivers learn more about what to expect and where to turn for support. Tailored specifically for grandparents raising young children (birth to age 8).

Teaching and Practice Resources

National Websites

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