The Changing Roles of Grandparents

Child development

Including health needs, special needs children

Child rearing

Including communication, emotional support, relationships, nurturing, life skills, decision making, responsibility development, stress management, generational stereotyping

Challenging childcare issues

Including displacement and loss, child/parent relationship, death, divorce, abuse/neglect, violence, grief, guilt, anger, embarrassment, drugs, bullying, peer pressure, sex/sexuality, teen parenting, fear, terrorism/ war, TV watching, money matters

Discipline, limits, problem behaviors


Including home, internet

School, learning & education topics, career planning, recreation & extracurricular activities


Child advocacy (on behalf of child)

Economic Security

Including benefits, credit card debts, taxes

Grandparent support

Including support groups, service systems, Childcare, legal and advocacy support

Holidays, gifts, relationships

Family history & traditions

Grandparent self-care

Including stress reduction, physical exercise, mental health

Grandparent issues

Including adult child interference