Radon Mitigation At Home

Radon mitigation ($400-700) in an existing home is done by a process called “sub-slab depressurization.” The basement is tightly sealed, and a 4″ diameter pipe is extended from below the slab in the basement out the roof (see picture at left). This pipe becomes a vent for any gas below the foundation to be released above the house. If radon levels are still high in your home after doing the above procedure called “passive mitigation,” a fan can be installed at the top of the pipe in the attic making it “active mitigation.”  The fan creates negative pressure and actively sucks radon from below your foundation to vent it out the roof. If constructed properly, a radon mitigation system is barely noticeable from the inside (shown at left in a basement) or outside (at right a small extra pipe is visible on the roof line.)

It is important to find a certified mitigation contractor (State of WI) to do mitigation to ensure that it is done correctly and doesn’t further endanger the health of your family. It is also possible to build a radon-resistant new home.
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