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  • Radon Measurements by Zip Code
    The table and map below shows averages by zip code, based on do-it-yourself tests residents have done through Health Department/municipal test kits and results found by certified radon measurement contractor Cutter Vac. A measurement over 4pCi/L is considered high and warrants mitigation. Find a test kit and test yourself, or contact a certified radon measur […]
  • Radon Mitigation At Home
    Radon mitigation ($400-700) in an existing home is done by a process called “sub-slab depressurization.” The basement is tightly sealed, and a 4″ diameter pipe is extended from below the slab in the basement out the roof (see picture at left). This pipe becomes a vent for any gas below the foundation to be released […]
  • Radon Display
    UW-Extension has a display about radon for use during home construction tours, libraries, doctor’s offices and other public places. The display comes with informational written materials and free give-aways. If you would like to host the radon display at your location, contact Diana at 920/929-3178.
  • Test For Radon
    Not sure whether to test? View the average radon measurements in your zip code. Radon tests kits are easy to use and easy to find. Short-term kits (48 hours) cost $10. Long-term kits (90 days – 1 year) cost $23. Only available from the Fond du Lac County Health Department.   Short-term kits are available […]
  • Printable Air Quality Publication
    “Fond du Lac County Action for Air Quality” is complete.  This publication describes all of the ways that air quality matters locally and includes notes about actions manufacturers and groups like the Asthma Coalition are taking to improve it.  If you would like hard copies of this publication, contact our office about how many you […]
  • Dr. Oz Discusses Radon
    The show on 2-9-11 features homeowners who had never tested their 7-year-old house before and the Executive Director of the National Center for Healthy Housing. Test your Fond du Lac County Home for Radon.
  • Another Take on Radon
    For a fresh take on a radioactive gas, National Public Radio interviews scientists about radon risk in today’s story: “In Highlighting Radon’s Risk, Context Needed.” Read EPA’s comments on the story.
  • Radon Resistant New Home Construction
    Building a new home that includes a radon mitigation system is much simpler than adding a mitigation system after the house is already built. It is also inexpensive ($300-$600). Learn more about radon resistant construction (State of WI). Find a certified radon mitigation contractor (State of WI). Radon for Builders and Contractors (EPA) What are […]

Radon Resources

WI Radon measurement mapState of Wisconsin Radon Program (www.lowradon.org)

Radon & Residential Construction: Presentation for the Homebuilders Association of Fond du Lac and Dodge Counties. Approved for CEU’s from the WI Dept. of Commerce.

To purchase a radon test kit, contact:

Fond du Lac County Health Department

160 S. Macy (3rd Floor)

Fond du Lac, WI 54935


  • Short-term kits (48 hours) cost $10.
  • Long-term kits (90 days – 1 year) cost $20.
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