Herbicide Rotation Restrictions Before Planting Industrial Hemp

By Nick Arneson (UW-Madison Weed Science Outreach Specialist), David Wang (UW-Madison Undergraduate Research Scholar) and Rodrigo Werle (UW-Madison Extension Cropping Systems Weed Scientist)

With the growing interest in producing industrial hemp in Wisconsin and beyond, it is important to pay close attention to rotation interval restrictions when planting this crop in conventional production fields where herbicides are adopted. Though no synthetic herbicides are labeled for weed control in industrial hemp in the United States at this time, it’s important to keep in mind that herbicides sprayed in previous crops can have an impact on the industrial hemp crop establishment and development. Moreover, the pesticide label is the law and should be followed accordingly.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of herbicides commonly used in corn-soybean rotations and their respective plant rotation restrictions (in months after application) for industrial hemp planting according to their respective labels…

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