Title Author(s) Resource
CBD Hemp Agronomics Shelby Ellison, PhD, UW-Madison & Leah Sandler, PhD, Michael Fields Agricultural Institute Webinar recording
Fertility Guidelines for Hemp in Wisconsin Carrie Laboski, PhD, UW-Madison/Division of Extension Online article
Grain and Fiber Hemp Agronomics Bryan Parr, Legacy Hemp Webinar recording
Herbicide Rotation Restrictions Before Planting Industrial Hemp Nick Arneson, David Wang, Rodrigo Werle, PhD, UW-Madison/Division of Extension Online article
Industrial Hemp Agronomics David Williams, PhD, University of Kentucky Webinar recording
Industrial Hemp Production in Michigan Michigan State University PDF
Industrial Hemp Seed Distributors List final copy PDF
Insect Fact sheets Colorado State University Website
Pesticides Allowed for Use on Hemp (rev. 5/10/19) Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection – Industrial Hemp website PDF
Wisconsin Industrial Hemp Production: a basic FAQ guide for growing an old crop in a new era Shawn P. Conley, John Gaska, Adam Roth, Cheryl Skjolaas, Erin Silva, Loretta Ortiz-Ribbing, William Barker, and Patrick Robinson Article
YouTube Channel – Wisconsin Hemp