Fire Safety Answers

1. What is the first thing to do if you smell fire?

Answer: Yell, “Fire, fire, fire!” If people are sleeping, wake them up and have everyone get out and go to your agreed upon meeting place.  If you cannot get to someone, get out and tell the firefighters where the person who is trapped is so they can get them out.

2. What do you do if you have younger siblings in the house and there is a fire?

Answer: Get out of the house.  If they can get out with you, go to your meeting place.  If they are trapped, let the firefighters know where they are so they can get them out.  Once you are out of the house make sure 911 has been called.

3. If you are home alone, where do you go if there is a fire?

Answer: Go to your meeting place.  That is where your family will know to look for you.  The fire fighters will come there to make sure there is no one else in the house.

4. What do you do if your clothes catch fire?

Answer: Stop, Drop and Roll.  Do not run!

5. What is the most important thing you will need to know when you call 911?

Answer: Your address so they know where to come and if there is anyone trapped inside/where you think they are.

6. If there is a lot of smoke and it is hard to breathe, what is the best way to get out of a burning house?

Answer: Crawl on your hands and knees because there is more oxygen in the air closer to the floor.

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