Internet Safety Scenarios

Practice the following “What would you do if…?” situations relating to internet and media safety with your child.

1. They are online and go into a chat room.  They meet someone online who says she is their age and the person asks your child their name, where they live and where they go to school.  Ask them if they would  share this information with her?  

Answer: It is not a good idea to share the information because they will not  know for sure if this person is actually a girl their age. It could be a 40 year old man who is dangerous.  Tell them to not give out personal info.

2. Your child goes online to see if the person they met online last week in the chat room has signed on yet.  The person has and they have attached picture. This person asks your child for a photo of themselves.  Ask them if they provide one.  Why or why not?  for a photo of you.  Do you give him one?  Why or Why not?

Answer: Same as Situation #1.  This person could be anyone.

3. Your child has an online friend who is coming on vacation to where you and your family live. The friend wants to meet face-to-face.  Ask your child what they should do to stay safe in this situation?

Answer: Discuss it with their parents first.  As parents you could have them provide a phone number in order to make arrangements for them to meet if you deem it appropriate.  Make sure they know that an adult needs to be including in the planning of something like this and an adult will need to be with them when the face-to-face meeting takes place.

4. A friend tells your child  that she is going to the mall parking lot to meet a guy she met online.  She thinks it is safe because they have been talking online for 3 months.  Ask your child what they would do in this situation to make sure their friend stays safe.

Answer: They should try to talk her out of it!  If she still insists,  tell her that she needs to have an adult go along with her.  If she refuses, call your parents, her parents or even the police.  Even if she gets mad at you, it is better than having your friend get hurt.  It is not a safe situation.

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