Developing Your Own Home Alone Plan

A road map and GPS system are helpful tools to get your family where they need to be when taking a trip. In the same way, developing a home alone plan is an important tool for families preparing for self-care.  The video will discuss the four major pieces that make up a home plan; plus it will share how to set your family rules and determine the consequences for not following a rule.

Rules are followed best when:

  • they are stated clearly
  • the children understand the reason for the rules
  • the consequences for not following the rules are understood
  • these consequences are consistently enforced

Please watch the following video to help you understand how to develop your family rules.

Please click on the “Family Rules” link below for a worksheet to help you develop rules for when your children are home alone.

Family Rules (printable copy)

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 1.01.40 PM

This fillable form can be completed and printed for your convenience. We recommend you print your family rules and post them in a place where everyone can see them. Remember that family rules can be modified or changed when the family discusses and reviews them.  Changes will likely need to be made as your child or children mature.

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