First Case of Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) Confirmed in WI

WI DATCP (Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection) has issued a public Equine news release regarding the confirmation of EIA in Taylor county. See DATCP links below for further details.

DATCP News Release 8-14-19

Due to the seriousness of this disease, state law requires all horses coming into Wisconsin or traveling to shows be tested (also known as a Coggins test) and found negative for EIA ( This information is documented by a licensed veterinarian on an animal’s certificate of veterinary inspection, also known as the animal’s health certificate. If any horse tests positive, state law also requires the veterinarian to report this to DATCP within 10 days (

For more information about EIA, visit DATCP’s Division of Animal Health monitors animal health and disease threats, promotes the humane treatment of animals, and provides licensing and registration regulation for animals in Wisconsin.