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HomeWorks News is a series of four easy-to-read seasonal newsletters designed to provide timely information to new homeowners, particularly first-time homeowners.

First-time home buyers often receive special assistance that includes education or counseling about buying a home. However, once the family completes the home buying process, they are usually on their own to face unfamiliar challenges that come with home ownership.

They can no longer call the landlord if the furnace doesn’t work or the roof leaks.They have to think about preventive maintenance. In addition, they have to develop a savings plan that allows them to pay for emergency repairs, and they need to deal with property taxes and more complicated income tax returns.

HomeWorks News quarterly 8-page newsletters are written to help new homeowners face these challenges and succeed as homeowners.

How you can use HomeWorks News

These newsletters are designed for distribution by lenders, real estate professionals, counseling agencies and others who have helped households achieve home ownership and want to help them succeed as homeowners.

The last page of each issue contains a list of Wisconsin resources for homeowners as well as space for sponsors to add local information and identification for mailing. This also gives your agency credit for distributing the newsletters.

Each issue stands alone so you can start sending any season and continue until a homeowner has received all four issues.Or you could present the entire set at closing.

  •  Summer (8 pages, 164 KB) – Homeowner emergency fund, warm weather humidity problems, damp basements, staying cool and affording it, caring for your lawn and new landscape plants
  •  Fall (8 pages, 133 KB) – Understanding property tax bills, cleaning gutters, heating system maintenance, indoor air quality when the house is closed up
  •  Winter (8 pages, 139 KB) – Reading an escrow statement, income taxes and homeowners, ice dams, frozen pipes, carbon monoxide concerns, what if you can’t pay your bills?
  •  Spring (8 pages, 192 KB) – Hiring a contractor, avoiding home repair fraud, home equity loans and predatory lenders, exterior maintenance, should you do a repair yourself?

HomeWorks News are available as a download only.
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