Bad Dog Frida


Store Name Bad Dog Frida
Treating your pet as a part of the family.

Business Type Misc. (Galleries, Florists, Pets)

NAICS Code 0

Location 2094 Atwood Ave. , Madison, WI 53704

Nearby Businesses Monty’s Blue Plate Diner, Barrymore Theatre, Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier

Owner/Manager Carmen Alcalde and Sue Hunter

Special Store Activities Free monthly workshops in behavior training and health for dogs and cats. Examples include guest pet acupressurists and joint yoga for animals led by an animal chiropractor. The shop also holds a Coffee Hour the first Saturday of each month where pets and owners alike can get together and share some free snacks (gourmet treats for the pets!) and make friends.

Year Opened 2006


Phone 1-877-527-0688


Community Profile Madison, WI Community Profile: Population of City – 208,054. Population of 10-mile ring – 314,928. The City of Madison is located in the south-central part of Wisconsin, between lakes Monona and Mendota. Madison is renowned for its beautiful scenery, parks, small town charm, and urban culture. Madison is also home to the University of Wisconsin and the State Capitol.

Products Sold & Niche Developed

Bad Dog Frida carries a full line of dog and cat supplies. They specialize in products made with fun colors, patterns, and high quality. In fact, before purchasing products the owners of Bad Dog Frida research each supplier and attempt to buy only from those that do good work such as donating to an animal rescue shelter. The Store also carries a large selection of high quality vegetarian food made from organic ingredients. In addition to carrying fun treats for animals – the store carries exciting products for people too! Customers can find a selection of dog and cat “themed” T-shirts, hats and more for their own discerning needs/tastes.

Market Segments Served

Bad Dog Frida caters to those who consider their pet a part of the family and have found a special niche as a supplier of Martingale Collars. These collars are in especially high demand among the Greyhound owner community and the shop attracts many customers for this product.

Contributions to the Business Community

Bad Dog Frida moved into their community in 2006 and has nearly become an institution already to those passing-by while walking their pet(dogs and cats are welcome in the store). The Shop participates regularly in community events, and makes it a priority to regularly give back to the community through donations to animal causes.