Four Seas Ice Cream


Store Name Four Seas Ice Cream
Small town ice cream experience that draws both locals and visitors

Business Type Restaurants (Food Service and Drinking Places)

NAICS Code 722

Location 360 S. Main St, Centerville, MA 2632

Nearby Businesses Centerville Candy Store, Pizza Parlor, Hair Salon, Sepia Chocolate Store, flower shop, Murray’s Family Market

Owner/Manager Richard Warren

Special Store Activities Four Seas participates in the annual Chowder Fest, where they give away 2000 free ice cream samples of a new flavor of ice cream to gauge customer reactions.

Year Opened 1934


Phone 508-775-1394


Community Profile Centerville is a tourist community just west of Hyannis on Cape Cod. Saltworks, shipyards and cranberries were important to the early economy of this area. This area has retained much of its colonial charm, providing one of the most beautiful and historic stretches along Old King’s Highway, Route 6A. In the summer, visitors flock to Craigville Beach, one of the most famous on the south shore of Cape Cod.

Products Sold & Niche Developed

Four Seas specializes in making gourmet ice cream in 30 delicious and unique flavors. Along with the classics, Four Seas also offers a variety of eclectic flavors, including peach, cantaloupe and coconut. Four Seas’ longevity and it’s accommodation of customer interests have established it as the premier place to get ice cream on the Cape. This innovative business has even gained recognition on the Food Network. Four Seas also sells sandwiches, ranging from lobster to chicken salad.

Market Segments Served

National television recognition has brought people from all across the United States to Centerville as part of their Cape Cod experience for Four Seas’ ice cream. Nonetheless, Four Seas maintains a loyal local base, some of whom have been frequenting the business since its opening in 1934. Four Seas’ works hard to get customer input on their product, which helps to build, and keep, local support.

Contributions to the Business Community

Four Seas’ reputation has helped to bring people from all over to Centerville as part of a Cape Cod experience. Tourists who come just for the ice cream might end up shopping in downtown, or going sight-seeing on one of Centerville’s trolley rides. Four Seas employees will also recommend other restaurants, such as the nearby pizza parlor, to their customers





Review by: Danny Bruce, UW Extension CCED