Ladles to Linens


Store Name Ladles to Linens
Everything needed to be a chef, in a small town settingBusiness Type Food and Beverage Stores

NAICS Code 445

Location 214 N Main St, Winnsboro, TX 75494

Nearby Businesses Redneck Ranch, Flowerland, Winnsboro Bakery, Crossroads Coffeehouse & Music Co., Living Works Christian Bookstore

Owner/Manager Lyndi McCulloch

Special Store Activities Cooking classes and wedding registry

Year Opened 2006


Phone 903-342-1050


Community Profile Winnsboro (Population: 3,500, Population within a 10 mile radius: 13,138) is a small town located in Northeast Texas, in Franklin County, just east of Dallas. Visitors to Winnsboro can enjoy its picturesque Autumn Trails and Spring Trails hiking activities, along with multiple lakes known for bass fishing.

Products Sold & Niche Developed

Ladles to Linens is a gourmet kitchen shop, offering a wide variety of supplies needed to cook at home. The wide range of products at Ladles to Linens caters to the new cook and the gourmet chef alike. Ladles to Linens sells small kitchen appliances, dinnerware, stemware, flatware, table linens, cookware, cookbooks, barbecue related items, and all the other necessary gadgets. In addition, they have a large selection of gourmet foods, specialty coffees and teas. Ladles to Linens also serves a different coffee or gourmet food every day. Finally, shoppers can take evening cooking classes at the store. Ladles to Linens is also adding a bed and bath element to its business in the near future. This business has carved out a niche as the only gourmet food store in the area, and draws customers from as far as Dallas.

Market Segments Served

The primary clientele for Ladles to Linens are people looking to cook at home, who live within a 15 or 20 mile radius and come to Winnsboro to get their gourmet cooking supplies. Also, local residents come to the store to attend cooking demonstrations and classes.

Contributions to the Business Community

Ladles to Linens is a destination point for shoppers from as far as Dallas, who come to shop at the store, but end up staying in downtown Winnsboro for the day. Visitors will make the drive to Winnsboro and get a massage at the spa or a cup of coffee at the café after doing their shopping at Ladles to Linens.

Review by Danny Bruce, UW Extension CCED