Town Meat Market


Store Name Town Meat Market
A full-service butcher characterized by high quality products and exceptional customer serviceBusiness Type Food and Beverage Stores

NAICS Code 445

Location 156 7th Street , Garden City, NY 11530

Nearby Businesses Garden Lily Shoe Shop, Feldis Florists, The Pear Tree (Hotel), The Island (Swimwear), Walk Street (Restaurant), Riesterer’s Bakery

Owner/Manager Rick Spoering

Special Store Activities

Year Opened 1994


Phone 516-747-1422


Community Profile Garden City (Population-22,000, 10 mile radius population-2,216,628) is an affluent community located on Long Island, in Nassau County, NY, approximately twenty miles from New York City. Garden City is home to an excellent public school system, as well as Adelphi University and Nassau Community College. The business community of Garden City revolves around Franklin Avenue and Seventh St., with Franklin Avenue being a hub for international financial service companies, leading law firms and major national retailers and Seventh Street a successful blend of small shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and distinctive apartment buildings

Products Sold & Niche Developed

The specialty of Town Meat Market is their dry-aged Prime Beef, however their selection of meats is vast; their inventory ranges from beef, to fresh fish and lobster, chicken, pork, veal, lamb, and a variety of sausages. Town Meat Market places an extremely high emphasis on quality, making sure they only provide the choicest cuts for their customers. In addition, Town Meat Market carries a number of homemade soups, sauces and gravies, appetizers, fresh and frozen prepared meals and other specialty food items. Town Meat Market also has a full service kitchen in their store so customers have the option of buying raw meat to cook themselves, or having the staff chefs prepare them a meal in the store. What’s more, Town Meat Market will create a special menu for all national holidays, giving their customers something new and out of the ordinary for these special days. This business has developed the niche of making the meat service process as personable as possible. Town Meat Market has a door-to-door delivery service that operates 6 days a week, bringing their food right to customers’ homes. Repeat customers can have personal charge accounts that allow them to shop at the store or call, email or fax their orders for delivery or pickup and pay a monthly bill. Finally, customers can personally choose which staff member cuts their meat if they have a preference.

Market Segments Served

Town Meat Market strives to cater to the local Garden City population. Because of their attention to personal service and propensity for generating repeat customers, the vast majority of the clientele is from Garden City. New members to the Garden City community receive a 20 dollar gift certificate from Town Meat Market. The welcoming gift brings them into the store, and the extraordinary service keeps them coming back.

Contributions to the Business Community

Town Meat Market is a destination point for locals in town, and is conveniently located in the primary retail district of Garden City. Furthermore, this business makes it a priority to contribute to local causes that are important to its repeat customers—the idea being that these customers give the store their business and the business gives them something extra in return. Town Meat Market is also a member of the Garden City Chamber of Commerce



Review by: Danny Bruce, UW Extension CCED
Referred by: David Milder DANTH Inc