Earth and State

Store Name Earth and State
Bringing the world together through craft

Business Type Furniture anf Home Furnishing Stores

NAICS Code 442

Location 23 W. State St. , Media, PA 19063

Nearby Businesses Turning Point Gallery, Plumstead Inn, Local Home and Gifts, Deals, La Belle Epoque Café

Owner/Manager Drew Arata

Special Store Activities Second Saturdays Art Festival

Year Opened 2002


Phone 610-566-9270


Community Profile Media (Population: 28,200, 10 mile radius population: 940,200) is located in Delaware County, PA, just 12 miles from Philadelphia. Media is home to active shopping districts, quiet residential areas and a very diverse population. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy the art, dining and entertainment on State Street, the town’s central retail district. Media is the first U.S. town to become Fair-Trade Certified, fulfilling the five objectives of the British & European Fair-Trade movements.

Products Sold & Niche Developed

While Earth and State is primarily a pottery store, they also carry an eclectic variety of gift items, including musical instruments, candles, crafts and other neat things from the earth, and local music. In keeping with the town spirit, approximately a quarter of the merchandise at Earth and State is Fair-Trade certified. Although the focus at Earth and State is on pieces by local artists, these are integrated with pottery and other pieces from all over the world. The inventory is displayed by color, which juxtaposes pieces of pottery and art that might not otherwise been seen together. Earth and State has carved out a very specific niche in their community for a number of reasons. First, their inventory is unique, and many of their works cannot be found anywhere else. Second, Earth and State works hard to keep their focus on low-price items, which is unusual for an art dealer. In addition, the owners of the store have a very personal connection with many of the artists featured in the store, allowing the customers to get in touch with the artist and their artwork on a deeper level. Finally, the ever-changing organization of the store and the unique atmosphere bring customers back week after week to see what’s new.

Market Segments Served

The business philosophy at Earth and State is that the store exists primarily to serve the local Media community. By featuring local music and pottery and by having a very friendly, personal atmosphere, Earth and State appeals strongly to a local customer base. Economic backgrounds in Media are very diverse, but Earth and State, with their dedication to lower priced items and their wide-ranging inventory, manages to cater to all their customers.

Contributions to the Business Community

The reputation of Earth and State has made it a destination point for shoppers in downtown Media. It’s location in the main shopping and entertainment district in town makes it very easy for customers to have access to other retailers or restaurants. Additionally, Earth and State was one of the founding members of the Second Saturdays Art Festival, which occurs every month and draws 50 businesses and up to 500 people into downtown. Also, Drew Arata, the owner of Earth and State, is an active member of the Media Arts Council and the Media Business Authority and is very involved in the local Fair-Trade movement. Drew facilitates communication between these three groups, helping to build a stronger and more cohesive business community in Media.

Review by: Danny Bruce, UW Extension CCED