Stumbeano’s Coffee Company


Store Name Stumbeano’s Coffee Company
Educating Customers to be Quality-Conscious CustomersBusiness Type Food and Beverage Stores

NAICS Code 445

Location 116 South Union , Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Nearby Businesses Stumbeano’s Coffee Company is located within The Market on Union Avenue- a retail store selling home items such as gourmet kitchenware, lounge chairs and decorative items. The Market on Union Avenue is in the heart of downtown Fergus Falls. Nearby is a Supervalue grocery store, Domino’s Pizza, a city bakery, financial services, and other business buildings

Owner/Manager Greg Stumbo

Special Store Activities Fundraising events, Tastings, Education Sessions

Year Opened


Phone 218-563-4945


Community Profile Fergus Falls, MN (Population 13,471, 10-mile radius population 20,297) is located in west central Minnesota, approximately 175 miles northwest of the Twin Cities. The community is surrounded by Minnesota lake country, with around 1,000 lakes in the county. The city’s slogan of “Find Us, Lose Yourself” alludes to the plentiful recreational options among the natural amenities within close proximity. The city of Fergus Falls is home to Minnesota State Community & Tech College as well as several health care facilities such as Lake Region Healthcare Corporation, the Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Center and the Fergus Falls Medical group.

Products Sold & Niche Developed

Stumbeano’s Coffee Company is an independent coffee-roasting business located within The Market on Union Avenue. Selling specialty-grade, freshly roasted coffees from unique parts of the world, coffee is seen as a culinary good at Stumbeano’s, marketing coffee in the same manner as wine. Moreover, Stumbeano’s believes in connecting the coffee grower with the coffee drinker- the mountain with the mug. The emphasis on this connection is Stumbeano’s niche, priding itself on educating their customer to identify where coffee comes from as well as the differences in flavor that results from the various regions. The store labels each of the coffee bags, explaining each coffee’s growing region- oftentimes noting the farmer who produced it- and a description of specific flavors, color and aroma distinct to that type. It is Stumbeano’s hope that the gained coffee knowledge will translate into “quality without exception” for every coffee drinker.

Market Segments Served

Stumbeano’s Coffee Company typically serves about a 50-mile radius of Fergus Falls. This is to ensure quality and freshness of the products. There are two types of typical customers: the 18 to 34 range and 50 years old and older. The younger crowd is a more “coffee and espresso type shoppers” as the owner noted, while the older crowd is more of a result of the community’s demographic profile.

Contributions to the Business Community

Stumbeano’s emphasis of education and quality within the store is reflected in its presence in the downtown community of Fergus Falls. Greg is an independent business owner and enjoys setting an example and precedent of excellence and quality in his business community. He took quite a risk when he opened his business and now, as a successful coffee business owner, he hope others will look to his example and do the same. Stumbeano’s Coffee Company is an active community member, working with groups- mostly youth sports teams- to use the coffee as a fundraiser tool, as well as hosts an in-store community education class, teaching the public about coffee varieties and origins.


Review by: Carissa DeCramer, UW Extension CCED