Store Name Poopsies
Extrodinarily UniqueBusiness Type Gift Stores, Office Supplies &Stationery

NAICS Code 4532

Location 107 S Main St, Galena, IL 61036

Nearby Businesses Galena Canning Company across the street

Owner/Manager Art and Sue Landon

Special Store Activities

Year Opened 1993

Website http://www.poopsies.com

Phone 815-777-1999

E-mail info@poopsies.com

Community Profile Galena, Illinois, (Population: 3,460; 10 mile radius population: 14,576) located in the north western corner of Illinois, is a popular tourist destination known for its history, historical architecture, as well as its ski and golf resorts. Downtown Galena is home to a fully restored vibrant 1800s downtown, with 85% of the structures in the city listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Galena is approximately 20 miles southeast of Dubuque Iowa and 3 hours west of Chicago.

Products Sold & Niche Developed

Poopsies carries an eclectic variety of over 6000 “wacky and wonderful things” collected from around North America. This includes home decoration, kitchen and dining, unique artwork and glassware, books, games, and children’s toys. The Landons travel to over ten exhibitions each year to collect products to feature at Poopsies.

Market Segments Served

A large portion of Poopsie’s customers are second homeowners and tourists seeking Galena’s history and scenic appeal, many from the Chicago area. The balance between local residents, second homeowners, and tourists keeps business healthy throughout the year.

Contributions to the Business Community

Poopsie’s is located in an all-brick double-front structure built in 1851. Poopsie’s is a family run enterprise that supports local downtown business and community activities, including the Galena Art Festival. Poopsies’ goal is to provide unique product offerings, which complements the overall health of the downtown business mix. Poopsie’s uniqueness is what draws repeat customers and builds their reputation as a regional retail attraction.


Review by: Joshua Clements, UW Extension CCED