Big Robot Game Cafe



Store Name Big Robot Game Cafe
Unique Local & Regional DestinationBusiness Type Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

NAICS Code 71

Location 114 East Main Street, Tipp City, OH 45371

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Owner/Manager Greg Enslen, Owner

Special Store Activities The Big Robot Game Café offers PC and video gaming in a state-of-the-art gaming center set a relaxed, coffee-house atmosphere. The Big Robot Game Café is similar to an internet cafe but focused more on games. People come in and pay by the hour to play the games on gaming PCs, Xbox and Xbox 360s, Playstation and Wii systems. The Big Robot Game Café also promotes various party packages, including parties for birthdays, “grown-ups”, and all-night gaming.

Year Opened 2008


Phone (937) 546-1090


Community Profile Tipp City, Ohio, (Population: 9,221; 10-mile radius: 165,768) is a small Midwestern town located 15 miles north of Dayton on I-75. Known throughout the region for its outstanding school system, charming historical business district, and family-friendly atmosphere, Tipp City is a unique community with an eclectic blend of history and high-tech industry. Tipp City has benefited from its founding residents, who envisioned a city of growth, progress, and development. That vision is still as evident today as it was when the city was founded in 1840 by John Clark. Generation after generation, the city continues to be filled with citizens who care about their community and each other. This spirit of working together is what has attracted many new families and businesses to Tipp City. It’s a wonderful place where people can work, live, and play, but most of all, it’s a place where people can raise their families

Products Sold & Niche Developed

The Big Robot Game Café is essentially a service-oriented business that has developed a distinctive marketing niche by providing a safe & comfortable environment where (primarily younger) patrons can enjoy a variety of electronic gaming options in a socially relevant atmosphere. In addition to the gaming, the Café carries a variety of pre-packaged food and drinks along with a small selection of retail items such as video game titles, Lego & Star Wars-themed toys, and magazines. The Big Robot Game Café bolsters its niche by offering specialized game tournaments, all-night chaperoned lock-ins, and themed parties.

Market Segments Served

The Big Robot Game Café caters to a unique market segment comprised primarily of male youth of junior high and high school age. The marketing concept seeks to capture a viable sub-segment of the growing U.S. gaming industry, which was estimated to be nearly $300 million per week in 2008. This particular consumer group is viewed as a significant marketing opportunity resulting from increasing purchasing power and relatively high discretionary income.

Contributions to the Business Community

The proprietor of the Big Robot Game Café, Greg Enslen contributes to the business community by serving as the current president of the Downtown Tipp City Partnership, which is a local group of interested business owners, government officials and residents, that are dedicated to preserving and promoting Tipp City, Ohio and its historic downtown shopping district through the utilization of the Main Street Four Point Approach to Commercial District Revitalization.

Additionally, the Big Robot Game Café maintains a great relationship with local eatery Fox’s Pizza (pizza being one of the four main food groups of Café patrons). Fox’s creates and delivers a steady stream of pizzas made to order for the gamers, and thus creates a secondary market for its Italian pies. In turn, the Café enjoys the ability to provide hot food on-site (only pre-packaged food/drink is sold at the Café) to the hungry patrons, while increasing its daily sales totals.


Review by: Matthew Spring, City Planner, Tipp City OH