Shibby’s Organic Zone Ice Cream Parlor


Store Name Shibby’s Organic Zone Ice Cream Parlor
Foster the creation of place

Business Type Restaurants (Food Service and Drinking Places)

NAICS Code 722

Location 215 South Main Street, Viroqua, WI 54665

Nearby Businesses n/a

Owner/Manager Suzanne Sebion and Tony Macasaet

Special Store Activities Live Music, Catering, Live Webcam

Year Opened 2007


Phone 608.637.3202


Community Profile Viroqua (population: 4,335; 10-mile radius: 13,544) is located in the driftless region of Southwestern Wisconsin. Viroqua is known for its picturesque agrarian surroundings as well this their historic downtown, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.Viroqua was dubbed “The Town That Beat Walmart” by Smithsonian Magazine in 1992 because it fostered businesses that co-exist with the retail giant.

Products Sold & Niche Developed

Shibby’s has a full-service ice cream counter as well as a large menu available all day. All ice cream is hand-made locally and is organic, made just outside of Viroqua at the family farm’s creamery. Menu items include soups, salads, burgers, Italians, quiche, steamed hot dogs, a local all-organic pizza, rice & beans soulfood stews, killer pies, sweet rolls, and more. Drinks include fair trade & locally roasted coffees, cappuccinos, lattes, espresso, mochas, teas, chi, local micro-brews, ciders, and wine.

Market Segments Served

Shibby’s is a popular attraction to families, especially during the summer.

Contributions to the Business Community

Shibby’s is located inside the Historic Viroqua Public Market, part of Main Street Station. Main Street Station was built in 1912 and previously housed an automotive dealer. It was purchased in 2003, restored and renovated to such that the interior resembles an old town square, flanked by storefronts and the public market. Main Street Station is 12,000 sf, including 6,000 sf for the public market and the rest comprised of anchor stores, such as Shibby’s. The Viroqua Public Market provides space for local farmers, artisans, craftspeople and other entrepreneurs to sell their goods, year-round. The purpose of the Main Street Station is to foster downtown activity and business, revolving around community. Main Street Station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Shibby’s hosts events in conjunction with Greenman Music Hall and the Public Market

Suzanne Sebion began producing Shibby’s Handmade Organic Ice Cream in 2001 to provide an income stream to save the family’s farm. Ice cream is handmade daily at the 3,500 homestead creamery built on the farm that is been in the Sebion family for 150 years- just outside of Viroqua.

Shibby’s is Travel Green Wisconsin Certified, with an interior that emphasizes reused and recycled materials.

Review by: Joshua Clements, UW Extension CCED