McFarland House Cafe


Store Name McFarland House Café

Business TypeRestaurants (Food Service and Drinking Places)

NAICS Code 722

Location 5923 Exchange Street, McFarland, WI 53558

Nearby Businesses Nearby local banks, schools and other downtown businesses.

Owner/Manager Anne Barker

Special Store Activities Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Speciality coffees and ice creams.

Year Opened 2009

Website n/a

Phone (608) 838-4100


Community Profile McFarland is a village in Dane County on the Eastern shore of Lake Waubesa. Part of the wider Madison Metropolitan area.

Products Sold & Niche Developed

Speciality coffee, ice cream, catering service for local school events. Menu is based on local recommendations.

Market Segments Served

Community, parents of local school children, local PTA, those working at nearby businesses.

Contributions to the Business Community

Located in a historic building, the McFarland House Café works with Village of McFarland for wider community cultural events. It frequently refers customers to other neighborhood businesses that they are involved with through the local Chamber of Commerce. It frequently hosts local community and bank meetings as well as local musical talent. The McFarland House displays local art on walls. A great deal of community development went into opening the business. The café is located on the historic main street and was opened after 3 years of discussions with families in the village. There are no other businesses like it in the Village of McFarland. The café received some financial backing from the village to begin, as a result of needed reconstruction on the historic house in which the café is housed. The café also worked extensively with the community development association such that the business could work in shaping the wider downtown community.



Review by: Alex Deley