Chamfered Centre



Store Name Chamfered Centre

Business Type Misc.

NAICS Code 0

Location 1545 North Lake Rd, Florence, WI 54121

Nearby Businesses Maxsells Restaurant, Chainey House Bakery, Florence Car Wash

Owner/Manager Don and Rachel Egelseer

Special Store Activities n/a

Year Opened 2001


Phone 715-528-3000


Community Profile Florence (population 2,487) is located in northern Wisconsin, about 11 miles northwest of Iron Mountain, Michigan and two hours north of Green Bay. The county seat of Florence County, the town was originally established around an iron mine. Today, outdoor recreation opportunities, beautiful scenery, and historic buildings attract visitors to Florence.

Products Sold & Niche Developed

The Chamfered Centre is a collection of businesses housed in restored historic properties in Florence, Wisconsin’s downtown district. Current businesses at the Chamfered Centre include Maxsells Restaurant in a large home built in 1904, an antique store and beauty salon in a restored Victorian home, and a ballroom. The Chamfered Centre also houses a bakery, a car wash, two fitness centers, and another Victorian house which serves as a venue for events. The historic setting for these businesses makes the Centre a unique attraction.

Market Segments Served

In addition to catering to the needs of local residents, the Chamfered Centre helps establish the character of Florence to visitors. Patrons of Maxsells Restaurant include visitors to Florence from all over Wisconsin and the upper peninsula, while fitness clients are primarily local.

Contributions to the Business Community

The Chamfered Centre has been instrumental in reinvigorating Florence’s downtown district. The Chamfered Centre provides homes for small businesses in an attractive environment, and owner Rachel Egelseer’s entrepreneurial spirit has served as a catalyst for downtown revitalization efforts in Florence. In fact, Mrs. Egelseer was named Florence’s “Citizen of the Year” in 2010 for her work beautifying and revitalizing the town.



Written by: Rachel Schuh