Cedar Street Market


Name Cedar Street Market

Business Type Grocery Store

Location Tigerton, Wisconsin

Population  728

Owner/Manager Judi Hegewald



Phone 715-535-2010



Products Sold & Niche Developed

Founder and Owner Judi Hegewald brings a large variety of food options to Tigerton, WI. Their grocery store offers residents a wide selection of products, while also saving money on their overall bill.

How it got started

The owner’s roots are in Birnamwood, WI and knew that the surrounding areas needed a local and affordable grocery store. Hegewald was aware of a suitable location in a long-vacant former Red Owl store in Tigerton, centrally located in the

market. Although the building had been stripped of most of its systems and the ceiling was falling in, Hegewald negotiated a deal on the property, and she and her family invested the sweat equity to restore it for use as a grocery store.

Who it serves

The business draws customers from surrounding towns due to its national and private label brands, closeout products, surplus and overstock products, items that are short dated or slightly past the “best buy” dates, cans and boxes with minor damage, quality meats, produce, and dairy. These business qualities provides local residents with numerous options, while the products are also being held to high standards.

Building Improvements

Although it was built as a grocery store with appropriate layout and loading, the building had been long vacant and required a full renovation, including new electrical and HVAC, roof replacement, and interior and exterior improvements. Additionally, all new coolers, freezers, and eventually deli equipment were ordered to create a full-service grocery store.


Funding for the project came from personal savings and a small business loan from a local bank, as well as significant sweat equity from Judi, husband Roger, and the couple’s six children.

Reviewed by Emily Lutz, UW-Extension CCED