Sound Haven Learning Center


Name Sound Haven Learning Center

Business Type Studio and classroom

Location Lake Mills, Wisconsin

Population  5,708

Owner/Manager Michael & Laurie Allison


Phone 414- 839-7311


Products Sold & Niche Developed

Sound Haven Learning Center is founded and owned by Michael & Laurie Allison with the intent to bring an audio school to Lake Mills, Wisconsin. This learning center offers locals lessons in audio engineering.

How it got started

Michael travelled throughout his career in the music industry and eventually decided to set roots in Wisconsin. There was a vacant church in Lake Mills that sat empty for four years and continuously went up for auction. He decided that this 11,248 sq. ft. building would be a great space for an audio school.

Who it serves

The Sound Haven Audio School serves the local community in Lake Mills. They offer classes that range from basic to advanced programs and are designed to aid in a student’s development as a top trained audio engineer.

The owners offer consultation services and space to neighboring churches, schools and businesses to ensure the volunteers and staff understand the basic components of audio engineering and how to operate with both basic or more complex systems.

Sound Haven offers more than audio classes. Laurie runs Sound Haven’s events such as weddings, receptions, showers and parties.

Building Improvements

Numerous renovations needed to be made to the church before it could function as a studio space. The building received a thorough cleaning, new carpet, new electrical, paint, plumbing and heating. Most importantly, the church needed new boilers which as a significant expense.


The renovation of the church was entirely funded by Michael and Laurie Allison.

Reviewed by Emily Lutz, UW-Extension CCED