The Rumpus Room

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Name The Rumpus Room

Business Type Circus/Theater Arts

Location Mazomanie, Wisconsin

Population  1,652

Owner/Manager Marcia Miquelon and Jacob Mills

Year Opened 2013


Phone 608.669.6403


Products Sold & Niche Developed

Founders Marcia Miquelon and Jacob Mills teach circus arts, stage performances and create a vibrant community for kids and adults.

How it got started

Owner Marcia had a desire to teach performance arts for artistic and personal reasons. She found a vacant building with a low rent and a high ceiling. Her first location was only part time to break even on the expenses. This helped meet her teaching and dancing desires. In 2008, Marcie became self employed and in 2013 bought the building which is now called the Rumpus Room. The first summer after opening, she partnered with Jacob Mills to start circus camps.

Who it serves

The Rumpus Room draws heavily from the Madison area and around 20% of attendees are local residents. They serve a large age demographic by offering camps to children and classes to adults. In addition, they hold 2 – 3 long weekend workshops in the upper Midwest region and hold a festival in January every year.

Building Improvements

The vacant building required a new pant job. In addition, the owners needed to put in a dance floor specifically for the dance workshops. Lastly, they updated the wiring in the building.


The project so far was entirely self-funded. The Rumpus Room is in a TIF district and the owners have potential to gain access to some funds for a larger renovation, which they have planned in the future. This future project would include exterior building improvements.

Reviewed by Emily Lutz, UW-Extension CCED