Tionesta Market Village

tionesta tionestamarket

Name Tionesta Market Village

Business Type Retail

Location Tionesta, Pennsylvania

Population  500

Year Opened 2013



Phone 814-755-3338



How it got started

The Tionesta Market Village was once a group of buildings that was destroyed by a devastating fire ten years ago. A local effort began in early 2012 to rebuilding the marketplace. They drew inspiration from seasonal kiosks in the mall and created temporary use retail and business spaces with garden sheds. The goal was to provide a unique shopping experience and entertainment for residents and visitors. The community, businesses and locals have all been supportive and made this venture possible and the grand opening was June 14, 2013.


Who it serves

Their website says it well: This “mini Main Street” gives residents and visitors a place to shop and relax, and gives small retail businesses the opportunity to get started selling their products in a high-visibility and high-traffic location.  It’s an opportunity for the local man who makes fishing lures to sell his product as well as the winery that is located out in the country to sell wine in town. Visitors and locals alike shop here and it’s an added boon to the community.

Building Improvements

A local Amish company, Cypress Clock and Gift Shop, built the sheds and they sit on what was an empty lot. The buildings are 1800’s style in design.


The total cost, including site preparation and sheds, was less than $40,000. The money for the project was provided by the industrial development authority. Today the project generates revenue through building rental, and there is a waiting list.

Read more about it: http://smallbizsurvival.com/2015/04/rural-economic-development-idea-tiny-business-villages.html

Reviewed by Emily Lutz, UW-Extension CCED