Who’s responsible for getting a No Fee Permit?

The owner of the equipment is responsible for obtaining a No Fee Permit to operate an Implement of Husbandry (IoH)  or Agricultural Commercial Motor Vehicle (Ag CMV) overweight or over length. In the case that you are leasing or borrowing the equipment, you are responsible for that equipment and legally operating it on the highway. If it needs to operate under a permit, then obtaining the permit is your responsibility. No Fee Permits must be obtained prior to operating over the weight or length limits for IoH or Ag CMVs.

You need to submit an application to each maintaining authority for the highways you’ll operate over the weight and length limits. No Fee Permits are available or state and US highways and will be submitted WI Department of Transportation.  All other local governments (e.g. town, village, city, county) use the same permit application and this application is submitted to each maintaining authority.

Permit applications are available at: http://www.dot.state.wi.us/business/ag/permits.htm  For questions, contact the WisDOT Permit Section at 608-266-8730.

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