Dyed Fuel Information

Wisconsin Department of Revenue,  Publication 307

Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Publication 307

Can I use dyed fuel? Good question and it relates to taxes.

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (http://www.revenue.wi.gov/)  updated Publication 307 Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Information in 2015.

The publication is available here: http://www.revenue.wi.gov/pubs/pb307.pdf  See Appendix B.

If you have additional questions related to use of dyed fuels, please contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue ((http://www.revenue.wi.gov/)

Madison Office Location
2135 Rimrock Road
Madison, WI 53713

or write to:

Excise Tax Unit
Wisconsin Department of Revenue
PO Box 8900
Madison, WI 53708-8900

Telephone (608) 266-6701
FAX (608) 261-7049
Email: DORExciseTaxpayerAssistance@revenue.wi.gov

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