Ag CMV – Definition

Color photo of a truck mounted fertilizer spreader operating on a highway.

This fertilizer spreader truck has weight exemptions as an Ag CMV Category 1.

Agricultural Commercial Motor Vechicle (Ag CMV)  means a commercial motor vehicle to which all of the following apply:

a. The vehicle is substantially designed or equipped, or materially altered from its original construction, for the purpose of agricultural use.

b. The vehicle was designed and manufactured primarily for highway use.

c. Unless the vehicle was manufactured prior to 1970, the vehicle was manufactured to meet federal motor vehicle safety standard certification label requirements as specified in 49 CFR 567.

d.  The vehicle is used exclusively in the conduct of agricultural operations.

e.  The vehicle is being used in any of the following ways:

  1. For directly distributing feed to livestock or for directly applying fertilizer (but not manure), lime, spray or seeds to a farm field (Category 1)
  2. For assisting another vehicle directly harvesting farm products by receiving farm products as they are harvested or for assisting another vehicle directly planting potatoes by delivering seed potatoes to the planter.(Category 2)
  3. For directly applying manure to a farm field or for off-loading manure if field conditions do not permit application by the vehicle directly to the field. (Category 3)

s340.01(1o) Wis. Stats.

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