Ag CMV – Weight

A color photo of a truck mounted TMR mixer on snowy ground.

This truck-mounted TMR is an example of an Ag CMV Category 1 vehicle. When operating on the highway, it has weight exemptions as this type of vehicle.

IoH/Ag CMV Maximum Weight Limits table (s.348.15(3)(g) Wis.Stats.) applies. This allows for a maximum single axle weight of 23,000 pounds and a gross vehicle weight of 92,000 pounds dependent upon on number of axles and axle spacing.


  • Ag CMV – Category 1 that directly distribute feed to livestock or directly apply fertilizer (but not manure), lime, spray, or seeds to a farm field are exempt from:
    • axle weight limits on local roads unless local government authority passes ordinance or resolution limiting Ag CMV axle weight.
    • gross vehicle weight and axle weight limits when operating between fields and operated on the highway for a distance of 1/2 mile or less or if it is transported by a 2 vehicle combination via trailer or semitrailer from farm to field, field to field, farm to farm.
    • Class B road posting [s.348.16 (2) Stats] but MUST OBEY seasonal or special weight postings and bridge postings [s.348.17 Wis. Stats.].
  • Ag CMVs traveling for delivery, service, repair by dealer or farmer within 75-mile radius of business or farm is exempt from gross vehicle weight and axle weight limits. Also exempt from Class B road postings. MUST OBEY seasonal or special weight posting or bridge posting [s.348.17 Wis. Stats.].

No Fee Permit may be required if gross vehicle weight or axle weight is greater than the IoH/Ag CMV Maximum Weight Limit table. See Permits.

Operators must abide by seasonal or other special road postings and bridge postings.

Weight limits do not apply on Interstate highways. [s.348.15 (9)(d) Stats.]



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