Dyed Fuel Information

Can I use dyed fuel? Good question and it relates to taxes. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (http://www.revenue.wi.gov/)  updated Publication 307 Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Information in 2015. The publication is available here: http://www.revenue.wi.gov/pubs/pb307.pdf  See Appendix B. If you have additional questions related to use of dyed fuels, please contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue […]


Road Ready for 2016

Spring has arrived! Soon all types of farm machinery will be traveling Wisconsin highways. As work continues to update Wisconsin laws related to operating agricultural vehicles on the highway, there are some new changes for 2016. In addition, new lighting and marking requirements for Implements of Husbandry (IoH) were effective of November 1, 2015. Now […]

A color photo of a truck mounted silage box going down a rural road

Ag CMV and Dyed Fuel Use

In the outreach for WI Act 377 the new definition of an Ag CMV brought up questions related to using dyed fuel in these vehicles. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (http://www.revenue.wi.gov/) has updated Publication 307 Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Information. Publication 307 has been updated to provide information related to using in dyed fuel in […]