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Tracked Vehicles – An Implement of Husbandry equipped with rubber tracks or tracks made of equivalent material may be operated on a highway if such operation will not injure the highway. s. 347.45 (5) Wis. Stats

Color photo of an Ag CMV with forage trailer.

Act 15 Updates to IoH/Ag CMV laws

Act 15 took effect on April 30, 2015, to clarify and modify certain provisions. The most significant changes include: Modified the definition of an Ag CMV and allows Ag CMVs that directly harvest farm products, distribute feed to livestock, or apply lime, spray, seeds, or fertilizer (but not manure) to have the same axle weight […]


Town Designee to Handle No Fee Permits

WI Act 377 created this statute to define Maintaining Authorities: 348.27(19) No-fee permits for implements of husbandry and agricultural commercial motor vehicles that exceed length or weight limitations. (a) In this subsection, “maintaining authority” means the following: The department or its designee, with respect to state trunk highways. The municipality or county responsible for maintenance of […]