Ag CMV – Agricultural Commercial Motor Vehicle (new in 2014)

CDL – Commercial Drivers License

CMV – Commercial Motor Vehicle

FMCSA– Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association

Farm tractor – a motor vehicle designed and used primarily as a farm implement for drawing plows, mowing machines and other implements of husbandry. [340.01(16)]

Farm Trailer – a trailer or semitrailer

  • with a gross weight greater than 3000 pounds
  • which is owned or leased* and operated by a farmer
  • and is used exclusively for transportation of farm products from the owner’s farm to market or for transportation of supplies to the owner’s farm.  [340.01(17)]

* Leased means that the farmer has entered into a written agreement with a person in the business of leasing vehicles to lease the trailer or semitrailer for a period of one year or more.

GVW – Gross Vehicle Weight

IoH – Implement of Husbandry

Wide IoH – is a new definition for IoH with a total width in excess of 15 feet or that partly extends, when operated primarily on the right half of the roadway, over the center of the roadway into any lane intended for travel in the opposite direction. Wide IoH regulations will take effect November 1, 2015 but may be followed at the present time.

Hours of Darkness – is the period of time from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise and all other times when there is not sufficient natural light to render clearly visible to any person or vehicle upon a highway at a distance of 500 feet.

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