IoH – Definition

A color photo of a John Deere combine operted crossing a bridge during hours of darkness.

A grain combine crossing a bridge over the Interstate is an example of a Category B IoH. Bridges crossing over Interstate are under the jurisdiction of the state.

Definition s.340.01 (24)(a) Wis. Stats 

The definition of an Implement of Husbandry reads:

Subject to par. (b), “implement of husbandry” means all of the following:

  1.  A self-propelled or towed vehicle that is manufactured. designed or reconstructed to be used and that is exclusively used in the conduct of agricultural operations.  An  “implement of husbandry” may include any of the following:
  • Farm tractor (Referred to as Category A).
  • Self-propelled combine, self-propelled forage harvester; self-propelled fertilizer or pesticide application equipment but not including manure application equipment; towed or attached tillage, planting, harvesting, and cultivation equipment and its towing farm tractor or other power unit; to which it is attached; or another self-propelled vehicle that directly engages in harvesting farm products, directly applies fertilizer, spray or seeds but not manure, or distributes feed to livestock. (Referred to as Category B).
  • A farm wagon, farm trailer, grain cart, manure trailer, or trailer adapted to be towed by, or to tow or pull, another implement of husbandry (Referred to as Category C).
  1. A combination of vehicles in which each vehicle in the vehicle combination is an IoH or in which an IoH is towed by a farm truck, farm truck tractor,  motor truck, or agricultural commercial motor vehicle.

(b) Implement of husbandry does not include any of the following:

  • An agricultural commercial motor vehicle (Ag CMV).
  • A vehicle that, not withstanding s. 340.01(8) Wis. Stats., is a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) under 49 CFR 390.05.


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