Color photo of a John Deere packing tractor being trailered by a truck tractor and low-boy trailer.

IoH and Ag CMVs transported by a 2-vehicle trailer or semi-trailer may operate at the same gross vehicle weight and axle weights as if the IoH or Ag CMVs were operating on the highway.

An IoH may be transported by a 2-vehicle combination with a trailer or semi-trailer to or from a farm-related destination at the same height, length and weight limits as
if being driven on the highway outside the hours of darkness[s.340.01(24)(a)1b Wis Stats.]. IoH Category B retain weight exceptions if transported by a 2- vehicle combination via trailer or semi-trailer to or from a farm -related destination.

During hours of darkness width is limited to 8 feet 6 inches [s.348.05(3m) Wis.Stats.].The maximum width for an IoH being trailered on the Interstate system, at any time, is 8 feet 6 inches. Contact the Wisconsin Department of Transportation regarding oversize permits as the No Fee Permit does not cover width limits.

Any IoH being trailered wider than 8 feet 6 inches requires 2 flashing amber lights visible front and rear at the extremities of the IoH.

See Permits section for any IoH being trailered that exceed any size and weight dimension.

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