No Fee Permit Applications

An image of state of Wisconsin showing road options for IoH and Ag CMVs opearting on highways.

Plan your route for IoH and Ag CMVs by checking local road options at

No Fee Permit Applications  for All Self-Propelled, Towed or Attached Implements of Husbandry and Agricultural Commercial Motor Vehicles (MV2578)  are available on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website. This link will take you to that site:

  • There now is only one permit application form  for IoH and Ag CMVs needing a permit to exceed weight or length limits.
  • This permit application is used to make an application for a permit to any maintaining road authority.
  • Information needed to complete the No Fee Permit application includes:
    • Routes of operation. There are two ways to determine weight and length limits on local ( village, town, city or county) roads.
    • Identify permit type needed – No Fee Permit application can only be used for IoH and Ag CMVs that exceed length and weight limits. It can also be used for a 2- vehicle combination that is transporting these vehicles. If a permit is needed to exceed height or width restrictions you need to contact the WisDOT State Permit office.
    • Detailed vehicle information including make, model number, description, number of axles for power unit plus any towed or attached IoH.
    • Details of vehicle overall length (applications to exceed length limits) and weight measurements including gross vehicle weights, weight per axle and axle measurements, axle gauge; and
    • Trip frequency and use information – For each month of the year, you will be asked to provide trips per week and estimated weeks of operation for that month.
  • Completed applications are submitted to the maintaining road authority for the roads that you plan to travel with an overlength or over weight IoH or AgCMV.
    • For state and US highways submit application to Department of Transportation.

Wisconsin Department of TransportationPO Box 7980, Madison, WI 53707-7980






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