A color photo of a truck mounted silage box going down a rural road

Ag CMV and Dyed Fuel Use

In the outreach for WI Act 377 the new definition of an Ag CMV brought up questions related to using dyed fuel in these vehicles. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (http://www.revenue.wi.gov/) has updated Publication 307 Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Information. Publication 307 has been updated to provide information related to using in dyed fuel in […]


Town Designee to Handle No Fee Permits

WI Act 377 created this statute to define Maintaining Authorities: 348.27(19) No-fee permits for implements of husbandry and agricultural commercial motor vehicles that exceed length or weight limitations. (a) In this subsection, “maintaining authority” means the following: The department or its designee, with respect to state trunk highways. The municipality or county responsible for maintenance of […]


Who’s responsible for getting a No Fee Permit?

The owner of the equipment is responsible for obtaining a No Fee Permit to operate an Implement of Husbandry (IoH)  or Agricultural Commercial Motor Vehicle (Ag CMV) overweight or over length. In the case that you are leasing or borrowing the equipment, you are responsible for that equipment and legally operating it on the highway. […]