Permit – Approval

You’ve completed your No Fee Permit Application. Now what? The completed application is submitted to maintaining authorities for approval. Once the maintaining authority has received the No Fee Permit application an approval timeline starts.

Upon receipt of application for a No Fee Permit:
  • The maintaining authority provides a decision of approval an issues the permit or notifies you that the application has been denied within 21 calendar days. If your permit application is denied, see Permit-Denial.
  • If the maintaining authority fails to approve or deny the application within 21 calendar days, the application is considered approved until you receive a permit or denial notification for another 21 days. This means 42 calendar days or 6 weeks from receipt of application for that calendar year.
  • If the maintaining authorities fails to approve or deny within 42 calendar days or 6 weeks of receipt, application is approved for that calendar year. You will use your completed permit application as your permit. If you have a receipt from the maintaining authority, it would be best to keep the receipt with your completed application.

Maintaining Authorities may issue consecutive month or annual permits. Or they may issue for a longer time period.

WisDOT Permit Department will send a renewal state permit on an annual basis if there are no changes to state roads or bridge conditions on a route.

Reminder that a No Fee Permit needs to be in the vehicle for which it was issued when operating on the highway. Permit may be carried in an electronic or print format.

If you need to amend a permit, see Permit-Amendments.

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