Permit – Denials

  • Must be provided in writing and give a reasonable structurally based explanation as to why the road or section of road cannot be used.
  • IoH Category B and Ag CMV Category 1 being operated or transported must be provided an approved routed by MA. Approved route may be different from the route requested by the applicant. Any alternate route traveling into another jurisdiction needs approval of MA for those roads. However, prior approval from other jurisdictions is not required if those vehicles can be legally operated or transported without a permit or as authorized by those other jurisdictions.
  • Applicant may appeal a denial through an administrative review process to that MA’s governmental unit. For example, a town’s road authority denies an application; the applicant would appeal to the town board. When an applicant appeals an adverse determination, the appeals process (except in court proceedings for judicial review) is not subject to open records law and shall be convened in a closed session.

Applicants may bypass the administrative review process and directly file an action in circuit court challenging the adverse decision.

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