Permits – Amendments

An amendment to a No Fee Permit (NFP) may be applied for at any time due to an applicant’s change in circumstances, information, or routes.

  • An amendment to an NFP is not required for a replacement IoH or AgCMV of equal or lesser GVW and/or axle weight or length. The permittee can operate or transport the replacement vehicle under the original permit for the remainder of the valid period of the permit.
  • If the replacement IoH or Ag CMV is of greater weight or length, a new NFP must be submitted for current operating year.
Upon receipt of application for an amendment to a NFP, the maintaining authority:
  • Must provide a decision within 5 business days.
  • If MA fails to approve or deny within 5 business days, No Fee Permit Application is considered approved until applicant receives a denial or 10 business days from receipt of application.
  • If within 10 business days, MA fails to approve or deny – amended application is approved for that calendar year.
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